Tom Brady Jokes - Are they Funny?

In a recent parody on life with New England Patriots, The Onion makes a joke about Tom Brady learning the names of his wideouts is not worth his time.  My problem is that in this case funny is really just the truth.  Many good QBs in their career have proven they make the WR great.  What do you think?

  1. Dave Kaufman said...

    One other thing…when Elway, Marino or Favre throws to 10 players in a game, do you really think the comparision to Brady and his no-namers is equal? I do.

  2. Tom Brady - don’t sue us…. - The Extra Point said...

    […] Tom Brady, apparently is not happy enough being the NFL superstar, 3 time Superbowl champ, and basically the lock for Hall of Fame QB even if he quit the NFL today.  He is now suing Yahoo! for their use of his likeness in some Fantasy Football ads.  Oh Yahoo, will you ever learn.  […]

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