Drew Brees - Went Down to the Crossroads

Brees signing the dealIt has been confirmed - Drew Brees announced today that he indeed has sold his soul to the Devil.  People (and fantasy owners of teams that did not draft him) have long suspected this to be true of the 6 foot tall, weak-armed QB who in his first couple of seasons couldn’t do much of anything.  Brees announced the deal was actually signed way back in high school, allowing him to become a state champion, college stud, and now NFL multi-millionaire.  Brees and the Devil decided to go public with the information this week after Brees passed for over 500 yards on Sunday less than a year after having 12 surgical screws put into his throwing shoulder.  Lucifer, King of Darkness, stated “I said, screw it (pardon the pun), I am just going to make him incredible this year even though he should be barely able to lift his arm.  It was my idea to put him on pace for 5,000 yards - Drew didn’t think he could do it”.  Apparently, the only negative for Brees, asides from an eternity of pain and suffering once his career is over, is that the Devil made him wear a mark of some kind.  Neither the Devil nor Brees explained why they chose a caterpillar on his right cheek as the distinguishing mark.   

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