Ze Frank, The Show - A Defintion of Ze

Ze Frank CollageI recently profiled Ze Frank’s The Show over at TechLifeIf you read The Extra Point, you will like Ze.  Here is how I would define him…

If Ze worked for Yahoo! he would the exclamation point.

If Ze worked for American Idol he would shoot himself.

If Ze worked for The Man he would be the armpit, hairy.

If Ze worked for Ron Burgandy he would be a whale’s vagina.

If Ze read these he would admit me to the League of Awesomness with a rank of Captain, second class. (watch The Show for this one).

If you are at all confused you will like The Show.

  1. Ze Frank does Supabah - It’s Superbowl Time - The Extra Point said...

    […] Welcome to the Superbowl with Ze Frank.  The countdown is on and even sites and shows that have zero to do with the Superbowl spitting out great content.  We have talked about Ze before, watch him make his point and for gosh sakes, don’t pee on yourself, again. […]

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