Hey, We have some more playoff games!

brian-the-greek.jpg (wow, that is a bad pic!!!)

OK, first a quick review of last week’s picks.

My Pick:  Indy 38 - KC 24

Actual score:  Indy 23 - KC 8 

I had Indy winning by 14, and then won by 15.  Except for underestimating the bad-ass play of the Indy D, and the general ineptitude of the KC offense (pretty much like the rest of football-watching humanity), I had this one pegged. 

My Pick:  Seattle 30 - Dallas 17

Actual Score:  Seattle 21 - Dallas 20

Screwed this up - Dallas is better than I thought, plus (pardon the Kornheiser), but I had Hasselbeck and Alexander on my fantasy team this year, and I guess I kept holding on hope that they would both play well in the same game once this year! 

My Pick:  New England 20 - NY Jets 13

Actual Score:  New England 37 - NY Jets 16

I failed to full realize the deathly power of the Belichick/Brady playoff combo!!

My Pick:  Philly 20 - NY Giants 16

Actual Score:  Philly 23 - NY Giants 20

Pretty close!  Not bad at this playoff picking thing (although honestly, I am not sure what the spreads were, and gambling is the only reason they keep score in games, right??)

OK, New Week, let’s see if I can at least keep the undefeated record of at least picking the right winners going!

Indianapolis vs. Baltimore

Call me crazy, but I think this might be the year Indy goes off a bit.  Less pressure, playoff games on the road, Peyton Manning isn’t trying to win games by himself, etc., etc.  Plus, their defense doesn’t suck quite as bad as we all thought!  And what can we say good about Baltimore?  I love their D like everyone else, but that offense can be just as bad as KC’s, and you still need to score some points to beat Indy.  I say:

Colts 20 - Baltimore 13

Philadelphia vs. New Orleans

I think this is the toughest game of the weekend.  Which New Orleans team shows up - for that matter, which Philly team shows up.  Plus, I am dying to see Garcia lead Philly to at least the NFC Championship game just so we can watch all of the McNabb bashing pop up again after it died down for the last year.  That is always fun for me.  I think this one comes down to the coaches, and Sean Payton is on a roll (whereas Andy Reid just is a jelly roll).  Plus, the Superdome will be crazy for a home playoff game.  Edge - Saints.

Saints 31 - Eagles 24

Seattle vs. Chicago

This is a very good match-up for the Bears.  They already spanked them hard this year, plus Seattle is banged up on offense, and the Bears D is angry about perceived lack of respect.  I think Grossman will play adequately, and the Bears will still win big.

Bears 27 - Seahawks 10

New England vs. San Diego

Another tough one!  The Brady/Belichick playoff combo has to have some power over the Schottenheimer playoff futility history.  Buttttt, can anyone beat the Chargers.  The running game is just too good this year.  I think LT makes that leap to ‘Great player who can almost single-handedly lead his team to a Super Bowl’ type status.  My pick:

Chargers 27 - New England 20


Should be a great round of games!  Hoist some beers and watch them all!  Go Bears!

  1. Dave Kaufman said...

    I know in Vegas you normally have to bet the spread but there are the occasional straight up bets you can make. To bad you didn’t parlay wildcard weekend straight up. 4-0! Nice job picking the winners.

    I think this week you will be 2-2.

  2. Sportsfan Dan said...

    Brian—Is that picture a mashup of you and Jimmy the Greek. Or do you need to buy some more Grecian formula?

  3. Dave Kaufman said...

    3-1 not bad. 7-1 overall very impressive.

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