Michelle WHY

Michelle WieOK, big props to the child prodigy, Michelle Wie.  Not only is she an impressive 6 foot tall barely-17 year old, but she’s got a near-300 yard drive and could beat the crap out of most amateur golfers.

BUT, why does she insist on playing with men?  Sure, she won the Amateur Public Links title a few years back (youngest man or woman ever with that distinction), but she still has yet to win an LPGA tournament.  Despite that less-than-stellar history, she still keeps getting at-large bids from the PGA Tour.  That’s smart business decision-making by the PGA tourneys, because people are drawn to watch her.  Then again, maybe they’re drawn to watch her continue her seemingly fruitless attempts at beating the likes of Tiger Woods and company.  But why does Wie continue to subject herself?

In fact, this week at the Sony Open in Hawaii, Tiger isn’t even playing.  However, the Big Wiesy shot an opening round 78 and sits 2nd to last behind such golfing “luminaries” as Hideto Tanihara and Bryce Molder.  But kudos to the young Hawaiian, as she still is in the lead over Abe Mariano.

  1. Dave Kaufman said...

    Is it me? Or does this photo exactly match the site? Oranges and Greens. Weird.

    I think Wie is smart. Like most uber-Star athletes she makes her money from her endorsements.

    Nike loves this attention. She makes her sponsors happy. I do agree that she might want to win a few women’s events every once in a while.

    It would make her men’s events that much more interesting.

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