Some things to remember about that bracket!

ncaa-basketball-logo.jpgI know this is too late for many of you who have already filled out your brackets, so just keep some of these things in mind while you are enjoying the games.  I am still trying to figure out my excuse to get out of work the next two afternoons!

OK, we will sart with the obvious.

> No #1 or #2 seeds will lose in the 1st round

> Since the tourney expanded to 64 teams, no #1 seed has lost in the 2nd round in odd-numbered years, while it has happened in every even-numbered year (except for 2006).  Therefore, expect all of the #1’s to be playing next week.

> Based on history, one or two out of the eight #3 and #4 seeds will lose.  Of course, picking which ones is the tough part (although I say watch for Maryland, Virginia, and Pittsburgh to struggle and one of those 3 will go down).

> In the bank guarantee - at least one #5 will lose.  I say Virginia Tech and USC are the weakest sisters among the #5’s

> #6 vs. #11 games are not considered big upsets anymore (although historically the #6 seeds have won 69%).  Again, one of them will lose - and I would say 90% of America is hoping it is Duke!

> #7 vs. #10 games are and even 60/40 split.  I will give you a lock guarantee - a #7 or #10 will beat a #2 this weekend.  I say Memphis is the #2 to look for the upset special. 

> #9 seeds win more than 50% of the time in the 1st round, so look for at least MSU and Xavier to move on, and possibly Villanova too (although all will lose in the 2nd round to the #1 seeds)

And, here are some other fearless predictions to make watching a little more fun. 

> One of the first 3 games on Thursday will be an incredible game, making you realize, once again, why the NCAA Tournament is the coolest invention in the history of sports!

> There will be at least 2 OT games on Thursday or Friday, and somehow you will end up rooting for a team like Wright State like your families’ lives depend on it.

You only have a couple hours to start making that cough sound real - try snorting some Tabasco sauce - it will make you sound like hell, and your eyes will be al watery and red - your boss will basically make you go home!


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