Chicago Cubs valued approximately $600 Million

Wrigley Field Manual Scoreboard

The Extra Point Ownership group is putting together a bid to buy The Chicago Cubs with a locally owned citizen ownership group.  Research is key to best understand sports franchises. 

ESPN and the Associate Press report the Chicago Cubs could be worth $600 million.

Here is an out of date page on sports franchise values from a few years ago.  And another on stadium naming rights and fees, of which you will note the Cubs are not listed, leaving potential value on the table. 

  1. Dave Kaufman said...

    As you can see competition will be tough for this popular team. But I still think business wise people won’t be willing to overpay.

    There is a lot of money left on the table that new owners like our group can tap into, without destroying the fabric of Friendly Confines.

  2. Dave Kaufman said...

    Another thing, a lot of people will be concerned we need to raise all $600million.

    Zell just put up $315 million in a complex deal where he bought the Tribune Corp. for over $13 billion.

    Meaning you don’t need all $600 million in cash to make the purchase.

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  4. Diver Al said...

    I was going to say I want in, but after today’s game I might have to think about it.

  5. Sportsfan Dan said...

    The latest is rumor that Zell will sell the team and NOT the stadium. Keeping the stadium and the valuable real estate it’s on (gee, surprise a real estate magnate will keep the realestate) may prove to be a smart move. Lease the use to the team, etc… Also, don’t forget Wrigley Field probably is the original corporately sponsored stadium name!

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