We are buying the Chicago Cubs

Welcome to Wrigley Field Home of the Chicago Cubs sign

I would like to formally announce the intent of The Extra Point Ownership Group to buy the Cubs. Our plan is simple, we would like to see the team owned and operated in a similar manner to the Green Bay Packers, by local citizens. This is your chance to own one of the most storied franchises in all of sports.

Today Sam Zell, new owner of the Tribune announced due to his minority ownership of the Chicago White Sox and recent agreement to purchase the Tribune, he would be selling The Chicago Cubs.

If you are interested in joining the ownership group. And we know you are. Please make a comment here along with your financial investment. We will be contacting all members of the proposed ownership group shortly.

  1. Dave Kaufman said...

    I am in for $500K.

  2. Chicago Cubs valued approximately $600 Million - The Extra Point said...

    […] […]

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