Super Mario Bros 1-1 Always a favorite

As adventure games go, there are certain favorite levels, but probably Super Mario Bros 1-1 is one of the all time faves.  The classic has been revived with a morph into Line Rider.  Line Rider for those unaware, is one of the greatest time wasters ever invented.

Once you start, we expect you to post your videos and tell us about them.  Even if you don’t, tell us about any awesome Line Rider videos you find.  Thanks…

How build the perfect brackets for the NCAA Tournament

Poologic is a joke

If you believe the hype that the title of this article mentions stop reading now.  There is no perfect system.  I sometimes think there isn’t even a good system even though I have only lost 3 games with 24 played as write this.  Our friends over at Techlife have a great article on beating your office pool, notice how we stole their image. (Shhhhh.)

After you read it, and follow all the links, tell us how well you did.  My guess is that the only way to get the perfect bracket is fill it out on April 2nd. Hmmm, that’s a great idea. Perfection everytime.

Some things to remember about that bracket!

ncaa-basketball-logo.jpgI know this is too late for many of you who have already filled out your brackets, so just keep some of these things in mind while you are enjoying the games.  I am still trying to figure out my excuse to get out of work the next two afternoons!

OK, we will sart with the obvious.

> No #1 or #2 seeds will lose in the 1st round

> Since the tourney expanded to 64 teams, no #1 seed has lost in the 2nd round in odd-numbered years, while it has happened in every even-numbered year (except for 2006).  Therefore, expect all of the #1’s to be playing next week.

> Based on history, one or two out of the eight #3 and #4 seeds will lose.  Of course, picking which ones is the tough part (although I say watch for Maryland, Virginia, and Pittsburgh to struggle and one of those 3 will go down).

> In the bank guarantee - at least one #5 will lose.  I say Virginia Tech and USC are the weakest sisters among the #5’s

> #6 vs. #11 games are not considered big upsets anymore (although historically the #6 seeds have won 69%).  Again, one of them will lose - and I would say 90% of America is hoping it is Duke!

> #7 vs. #10 games are and even 60/40 split.  I will give you a lock guarantee - a #7 or #10 will beat a #2 this weekend.  I say Memphis is the #2 to look for the upset special. 

> #9 seeds win more than 50% of the time in the 1st round, so look for at least MSU and Xavier to move on, and possibly Villanova too (although all will lose in the 2nd round to the #1 seeds)

And, here are some other fearless predictions to make watching a little more fun. 

> One of the first 3 games on Thursday will be an incredible game, making you realize, once again, why the NCAA Tournament is the coolest invention in the history of sports!

> There will be at least 2 OT games on Thursday or Friday, and somehow you will end up rooting for a team like Wright State like your families’ lives depend on it.

You only have a couple hours to start making that cough sound real - try snorting some Tabasco sauce - it will make you sound like hell, and your eyes will be al watery and red - your boss will basically make you go home!


Unique Fantasy League

terrellowens.jpg8 teams are left in the playoffs, and you’re kind of bummed that you didn’t jump on the Fantasy Football Playoff pool action…so what do you do?

Quick, find 3 friends.  Now you and your friends each get to pick 2 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, and 2 K from the remaining playoff teams.  The catch (and even Terrell Owens can’t drop this one) is that you can only select one player from each of the remaining teams.

tom_brady.jpgSo, once you take Tom Brady  at your QB1 slot, you can’t have any more Patriots, for example. (of course Tom Brady is not someone to mess with, but of course we did in our first post ever.)

This is a unique way of having a little Playoff Fantasy Football fun and all you need to do is come up with a simple scoring system, say 6 pts for every TD and 1 pt for every 10 yards, 3 pts for a FG and 1 pt for an XP.


Fantasy Withdrawl - How to Cope

First in a series… 

For those of you already having fantasy sports withdrawal symptoms from the end of the fantasy football season - What If Sports provides the ultimate in fantasy team ownership.

header.jpg Hardball Dynasty

They have some interesting games, including dynasty type games for college football and basketball, plus fantasy leagues in which you can draft players form the entire history of the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL.  Cool stuff!!!  And pretty cheap as well.  Might be able to tide you over until the FF magazines come out next summer!  I am signed up for a Hardball league in the Greenberg League - join in!

I am also signed up for a college basketball dynasty - you start in DIII and try to move your way up!  I am tiny Illinois College in the Tarkanian World. 



Stick Arena - Bats, Swords and Machine Guns - Oh my!

Stick Arena 3TechLife wrote up a great review of Stick Arena from X-Gen Studios.  It is such an easy game to play and talk about letting out aggression.  Nothing like letting a stick figure have it.  Pretend it’s your boss or maybe your neighbor.  Hell, invite your boss or neighbor for a little networked game play.  A fun time can be had by all, in just five minutes and for free! Stick Arena 2

42 inch Plasma under $1000!

42 inch plasma

Thanksgiving Movies, Thanskgiving Football, Bowl Games, Xmas Movies, Video Games, NFL Playoffs, Superbowl, March Madness.  It is all coming.  And you can watch it all on that crappy 19 incher you have had since college, with the remote that the dog slobbered on or… can outift your swinging pad with an awesome deal.

42 inch Sylvania Plasma $999 AND FREE Shipping - with the $500 you save you could almost get a PS3!

“Some crazy folks did what to a PS3?”

Video Nominee: Category: Ass Kicking Moms

This is the first official US commerical for the Wii, Nintendo’s newest console.  If you haven’t heard of it, just stop reading and go back to your cave game of candyland.

Anyone notice that two white parents are playing this?  It’s like, we can’t get Xbox or PS3 fanboys, so let’s get mom.  I wonder if the first Wii related injury is an out of shape “old person” pulling something or a kid whipping that controller at their younger sibling?  Raise your hand if you have ever thrown a controller in frustration?  Tell us the story, I’m sure it’s good.