Who pulled this video off YouTube?

We previously wrote about the worst trailer ever….well that video was yanked off YouTube.  Go figure, with reviews like ours who needs enemies.

Sportsfan Dan wrote in with a new link for those of you who missed it.

So once again, Worst Movie Trailer Ever.

Andy Dicks Ivanka

Ivanka Trump
Don’t mess with the Trump Princess…or else!

How build the perfect brackets for the NCAA Tournament

Poologic is a joke

If you believe the hype that the title of this article mentions stop reading now.  There is no perfect system.  I sometimes think there isn’t even a good system even though I have only lost 3 games with 24 played as write this.  Our friends over at Techlife have a great article on beating your office pool, notice how we stole their image. (Shhhhh.)

After you read it, and follow all the links, tell us how well you did.  My guess is that the only way to get the perfect bracket is fill it out on April 2nd. Hmmm, that’s a great idea. Perfection everytime.

Pigs and Beer - Caught on Tape

Beer Drinking Pig

It’s been said:

Men are Pigs

It’s been said:

Men drink Beer

Which leads humans to the natural conclusion:

Pigs drink Beer. (Video)

I don’t think is much more I can add of value. But I am sure you can, leave us a comment.

Thanks to Scubaology.com for pointing out Travelistic.com to us.

Spock’s Crib

“Don’t drip salsa on the leather!”

Has anyone seen the Star Trek 2.0 show on G4TV? Worth the TiVo? Let me know in the comments.

This is a funny clip with Spock, Kirk, Sulu, Scotty and Bones hanging out in Spock’s Crib.

The REAL Peyton Manning - It’s Superbowl Time

The Real Peyton Manning - Herald & Review-Kelly J. Huff

Peyton Manning and his rocket laser arm were in Hawaii this weekend for the NFL Pro Bowl. But the newest Manning, was also working at Staples in Forsyth, IL. And this newer Manning is also named Peyton. This diehard Chicago Bears fan declared he would legally change his name if the Chicago Bears didn’t win the Superbowl. We all know what happened in the game, and now formerly named Scott Wiese is honoring his alcohol made bet that he would change his name. This first caught our eye on The Obscure Store blog, which provided a link to downstate Illinois newspaper The Pantagraph. Make sure to read the comments in both, they are priceless.

Crystal Pepsi…and other failed nasty drinks

crystalpepsi courtesy of x-entertainment

Coke II, Orbitz, Crystal Pepsi…ah, the bad old days!  So, “greed is good” as Michael Douglas once proclaimed, but drink companies got too greedy in the 80’s and 90’s with some brutal concoctions.  Crystal Pepsi might just have been the worst of these, but take a look at this x-entertainment.com article for a full evaluation of this and other brands. 

I’m personally biased against Crystal Pepsi because, as a college freshman in Denver in 1992, I became an unwitting participant to one of the biggest guerrilla marketing/test marketing campaigns in recent history (although not as shocking as the recent events in Boston with Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the $2 million Mooninites).  Pepsi broke the mold with that campaign (and almost broke my tastebuds permanently).

It seems that many people have memories of drinks long gone. 

Michael Vick…REALLY!!!

Wonder why a $100 Million NFL star gets arrested at an airport?  Saturday Night Live has your answer…


Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time

no-super-bowl-41.JPGHey, I’m back (for all of the readers out there who missed me, and you two know who you are)!  I have been out with some personal illness, and now I am pretty sure I am going to feel sick all week (remember, I am from Chicago).  With that said, I am going to pretend that this weekend never happened, and distract myself from reading any NFL-related news.

Therefore, here is something I would like to share with you.  Any fan of rock and roll should waste at least a good hour of work time with City Rag’s 20 Greatest Guitar Solos ever, with Video!  Here is #1 to whet you appetite…Stairway to Heaven - Jimmy Page

Rock on!rock-on.jpg

Ze Frank does Supabah - It’s Superbowl Time

Ze Frank CollageWelcome to the Superbowl with Ze Frank.  The countdown is on and even sites and shows that have zero to do with the Superbowl spitting out great content.  We have talked about Ze before, watch him make his point and for gosh sakes, don’t pee on yourself, again.