Don’t sue us part II (Rosie vs. Donald)

rosie-and-donald.jpgQuestion: What do Tom Brady, Rosie and Donald Trump all have in common?Answer:

Donald and Rosie finally have decided to let it their “hair” down and settle things the old fasion way…with an old-fashioned “slobber-knocker Fight“.

Who would you pick to win? The Hair or The Mouth? Watch and find out.

Train your wife

Desperate HousewivesThis was just too good to pass up…Send your wife to wifeschool!

Do you remember these fads?

Hypercolor T-shirts, a fad?Rubik’s cube?  Pac-man?  Sure we all remember those.  But how about Hypercolor T-shirts?  Yeah I forgot about that one too.  This is a great post on 37 fads that swept the nation.

Hypercolor T-shirts

Ridiculous World Records

Have you ever wondered what the world record is for:

1)Longest gargle

2)Furthest distance rolled downhill in a trashcan

3)Longest time wearing the same pair of underpants

Well, it’s you’re lucky day if these ponderings have kept you up at night.  Check out the Index of Ridiculous Records Waiting to Be Set or Broken.

What record have you set?  I’ll start…I believe I’m the record holder for most viewings of’s post on Susan Ward, er, Fantasy Football Origins.

Fantasy (football) origins

Raise your hand if you know who’s fantasy is on the right?  More on that in a second.

Susan WardFantasy Football has mostly concluded for the season, except for those of us lucky enough to be participants in fantasy football playoff leagues (more on that in another post).  But, for those of us that are fantasy football 12-steppers, read Fantasy Sports Publications’ the origins of our fall-time passion. (warning! PDF)

The pioneers of Fantasy football sure had it tough, what with no fantasy football magazines, countless self-proclaimed experts, 24-hour sports networks, and of course the Internet.  And with so much less information at their fingertips, they still managed to draft offensive linemen, not to mention, IDP too!  Wow!  Thanks to for this great history lesson.  By the way, you can see the initial draft order and all players selected, including the immortal Frank Gifford!

Did you guess Susan Ward? That’s a good off-season fantasy if I ever saw one.

Just in Case You Need Some Help…

nfl-logo.jpgIn this year of no heavy favorites to even make it to SuperBowl XLI, let alone win it - it could be hard to figure out who to root for (unless you are maybe from San Diego, which the way I see it, is the only strong favorite of the 12 teams to make the SuperBowl). 

Anyway, point is, the NFL understands this is a tough year for the average fan to pick a bandwagon - so they have decided to help you out!  Kind of silly, but actually pretty goofy and fun for the No Fun League.


There will be a quiz!

So, just to make sure we are all clear - here is how the playoff picture in the NFL shapes up for the last week of the season. 

All I can say to this is - WHAT!!!!!!! 

Even our intrepid leader can’t figure it out!

bush-confused.jpg - Yes, you read that right.

Chalkboard Football by Brian SHere’s the reason you read The Extra Point, at the end of the year you get all sorts of great lists, and this year is no exception.  Over at ValleyWag, they had a post about 13 great blogs you are not reading

Well we have selected the one blog you should be reading and aren’t.

Remember twice-lost-his-job-to-a-better-backup Drew Bledsoe?  Yes that Drew Bledsoe who first due to injury lost to already-in-the-hall-of-fame Tom “Superbowl” Brady, and now to been-sitting-on-the-sidelines-for-years Tony “Don’t-call-me-rookie” Romo. 

Well good ol’ Drew decided to let the fans hear his side of the story.  Drew is an articulate writer and passionate about his topic.  His blog, starting with the title, pulls no punches

Gosh I’m getting so angry just thinking about all this bad publicity. I better go relax and play some Madden ‘07 on the new PS3. My ‘96 Patriots team vs. Homo’s Cowboys. It’s gonna be a bloodbath. And not just because I play as Homo and run backwards for safeties on every play, but because teams rely on veteran leadership and experience to win the big game and Homo has none. (Though the -742 rushing yards doesn’t help!)

Another classic post is his open letter to Byron Leftwich after gettting benched for David Garrad, an excerpt talking about when they both played the Houston Texans:

Actually, let me just pull up some stats from both of our games… I was 17-28, 168 yards passing, two scores and no picks. Solid outing. Then again, when am I not? You were 14-28 for 125 yards and no scores. Hm. That’s actually pretty embarrassing, dude.

After the loss to the Eagles I am sure Drew has a great post coming up.

Quick Hits

peyton-face.jpgIndy - Not only do their coach and QB not inspire the team with their wishy-washy leadership, but their fans don’t care that much either.  After their showing yesterday, you would think the blogs would be a little harsher.

San Diego - As a true believer that Walter Payton was the best all-around NFL RB ever, this guy is making me possibly re-think that.

fred-taylor.jpgJacksonville - I almost fell out of my chair when I heard this stat yesterday (look at this list for Taylor, Fred).  How can this be?  He almost single-handedly killed 3 separate fantasy teams for me, and now he is 21st all-time, passing Hall-of-Famers and about to go over 10,000 yards??!!

Detroit - I have a friend who is a Lions fan, and my only question to him is “Why?”  

Tennessee - Is it too early to bestow the greatest accolade known to football QB’s on to Vince Young

Denver - As much as I don’t like Plummer, I am starting to think maybe it wasn’t all his fault…  Good thing Shanahan is a genius (seriously, how long is he going to be able to survive on that label and winning 2 SB’s with Elway and Davis).

Chicago - And finally, let me steal a page from Kornheiser (boy, that is a phrase you just don’t say every day).  I need a big day from Grossman to win my playoff game this week.  Which Grossman will we see tonight - the stud of the early season, or the mass of suckitude of late?

Tom Brady - don’t sue us….

shocked picture

Tom Brady, apparently is not happy enough being the NFL superstar, 3 time Superbowl champ, and basically the lock for Hall of Fame QB even if he quit the NFL today.  He is now suing Yahoo! for their use of his likeness in some Fantasy Football ads.  Oh Yahoo, will you ever learn. 

Seen on The Smoking Gun, Web Pro News, Deadspin