Remember the movies EdTV and The Truman Show? In those movies, you got a first-hand look at living life in the public eye. Well, move over Jim Carrey…because now there is Justin.TV. For just over 16 days (and counting), Justin has broadcast his life over the Internet with a first-person perspective. Wearing a camera on his head, we see all of Justin’s day-to-day activities including those that we don’t really want to see. Check out the site…it’s gained national media attention in a short time and is worth a look.

Justin’s site also has it’s own blog component. To be honest, the premise of the site is interesting, but anyone that has so much time on their hands as to comment on where they’re from “word up to canada, hola soy de argentina” or that they just “pooped themselves” needs to really get a life.

This Valleywag post has a very detailed description of Justin.TV and a similar site. The level of knowledge and detail provided is quite impressive, and clearly these Valleywag guys know what they’re talking about.

Also check out this interview with Nick Douglas of Look Shiny, a Justin.TV-a-holic. Nick chats up Justin and gets some great sound bites, though it sounds like some other chick is not on board at all. She’s a real buzz kill. I wonder who she is. Anyone know?

Andy Dicks Ivanka

Ivanka Trump
Don’t mess with the Trump Princess…or else!

Super Mario Bros 1-1 Always a favorite

As adventure games go, there are certain favorite levels, but probably Super Mario Bros 1-1 is one of the all time faves.  The classic has been revived with a morph into Line Rider.  Line Rider for those unaware, is one of the greatest time wasters ever invented.

Once you start, we expect you to post your videos and tell us about them.  Even if you don’t, tell us about any awesome Line Rider videos you find.  Thanks…

Pigs and Beer - Caught on Tape

Beer Drinking Pig

It’s been said:

Men are Pigs

It’s been said:

Men drink Beer

Which leads humans to the natural conclusion:

Pigs drink Beer. (Video)

I don’t think is much more I can add of value. But I am sure you can, leave us a comment.

Thanks to Scubaology.com for pointing out Travelistic.com to us.

Spock’s Crib

“Don’t drip salsa on the leather!”

Has anyone seen the Star Trek 2.0 show on G4TV? Worth the TiVo? Let me know in the comments.

This is a funny clip with Spock, Kirk, Sulu, Scotty and Bones hanging out in Spock’s Crib.

Stpehen Wiltshire Memorizes Rome then Draws it

In this amazing video Stephen Wiltshire applies his artistic autistic savant, a photographic memory and his artistic ability to redrawing Rome as seen from the air after flying over it just a single time.  It is truly amazing.


Thanks Rocketboom.

Since 2004 he has drawn Berlin, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Rome and Frankfurt on giant panoramic canvasses entirely from memory.

Stephen redraws Toyko from memory.

Michael Vick…REALLY!!!

Wonder why a $100 Million NFL star gets arrested at an airport?  Saturday Night Live has your answer…


Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time

no-super-bowl-41.JPGHey, I’m back (for all of the readers out there who missed me, and you two know who you are)!  I have been out with some personal illness, and now I am pretty sure I am going to feel sick all week (remember, I am from Chicago).  With that said, I am going to pretend that this weekend never happened, and distract myself from reading any NFL-related news.

Therefore, here is something I would like to share with you.  Any fan of rock and roll should waste at least a good hour of work time with City Rag’s 20 Greatest Guitar Solos ever, with Video!  Here is #1 to whet you appetite…Stairway to Heaven - Jimmy Page

Rock on!rock-on.jpg

The Original Middle Linebacker


So, maybe things didn’t work out as planned in Super Bowl 41 (I’ll leave the roman numerals to the network TV guys), but here’s something to get your juices flowing for next year. Brian Urlacher had some dominant games this year, including his 29 tackle performance vs. the Arizona Cardinals, and won last years DPOY, but there is only one Dick Butkus. Check this out!

Ze Frank does Supabah - It’s Superbowl Time

Ze Frank CollageWelcome to the Superbowl with Ze Frank.  The countdown is on and even sites and shows that have zero to do with the Superbowl spitting out great content.  We have talked about Ze before, watch him make his point and for gosh sakes, don’t pee on yourself, again.