Superbowl 36 - It’s Superbowl Time

Remember Superbowl 36, Patriots and Rams, tie game in the 4th quarter…listen now as Madden and Summerall make the call of the last few minutes. The clip is 7+ min but it should get your Superbowl excitement flowing as we head into Bears vs. Colts matchup of Superbowl 41.

Coach Mike Ditka - It’s Superbowl Time!

Did you know Iron Mike Ditka was almost in the Superbowl Shuffle? Here’s a small clip of him talking about it.

Courtesy of Adam Wade

Adam’s original link now working.

Don’t sue us part II (Rosie vs. Donald)

rosie-and-donald.jpgQuestion: What do Tom Brady, Rosie and Donald Trump all have in common?Answer:

Donald and Rosie finally have decided to let it their “hair” down and settle things the old fasion way…with an old-fashioned “slobber-knocker Fight“.

Who would you pick to win? The Hair or The Mouth? Watch and find out.

Chris Harris make a supersize promise for the Superbowl - It’s Superbowl Time

Chris HarrisRhymes with Right, had a great writeup on Chicago Bears safety Chris Harris. Apparently Harris promised a local access reporter tickets to the Superbowl months ago in a live interview. Now the reporter is using his footage to try to get that ticket. Ticket prices range from $3,000 - $10,000 on second chance sites like StubHub.

View this video file

Should this reporter get to go? Tell us in the comments.

The worst movie trailer ever?

Wow did John Williams make Star Wars what it is or what? After watching this pathetic exuse for a B movie trailer, I imagine the re-edit with only Williams music, movie dialogue and sound effects. The result a different movie. The movie we all know and love.

The next time we visit the theater watch a movie trailer with this in mind. The Score really settles the score.

Courtesy of Fimoculous

Boise State Fiesta Bowl - In the stands

Here is the last play of the Boise State - Oklahoma Fiesta Bowl game as seen from a fan of Boise State from the stands.  (Some mature language).

If any finds a good summary link pass it on. YouTube pulled our last video.


Has to be one of the craziest finishes to a college bowl game ever!

Fiesta Bowl - Boise St vs. Oklahoma

Ze Frank, The Show - A Defintion of Ze

Ze Frank CollageI recently profiled Ze Frank’s The Show over at TechLifeIf you read The Extra Point, you will like Ze.  Here is how I would define him…

If Ze worked for Yahoo! he would the exclamation point.

If Ze worked for American Idol he would shoot himself.

If Ze worked for The Man he would be the armpit, hairy.

If Ze worked for Ron Burgandy he would be a whale’s vagina.

If Ze read these he would admit me to the League of Awesomness with a rank of Captain, second class. (watch The Show for this one).

If you are at all confused you will like The Show.

42 inch Plasma under $1000!

42 inch plasma

Thanksgiving Movies, Thanskgiving Football, Bowl Games, Xmas Movies, Video Games, NFL Playoffs, Superbowl, March Madness.  It is all coming.  And you can watch it all on that crappy 19 incher you have had since college, with the remote that the dog slobbered on or… can outift your swinging pad with an awesome deal.

42 inch Sylvania Plasma $999 AND FREE Shipping - with the $500 you save you could almost get a PS3!

“Some crazy folks did what to a PS3?”

Video Nominee: Category: Ass Kicking Moms

This is the first official US commerical for the Wii, Nintendo’s newest console.  If you haven’t heard of it, just stop reading and go back to your cave game of candyland.

Anyone notice that two white parents are playing this?  It’s like, we can’t get Xbox or PS3 fanboys, so let’s get mom.  I wonder if the first Wii related injury is an out of shape “old person” pulling something or a kid whipping that controller at their younger sibling?  Raise your hand if you have ever thrown a controller in frustration?  Tell us the story, I’m sure it’s good.