If your car is hanging over a cliff…

car-over-cliff.jpgThe next time you accidentally lock yourself in your trunk, you’ll know how to escape after reading this Wikihow.com article.  This link will also teach you how to:

1)Thwart off an abduction attempt

2)Avoid being carjacked

3)Escape from a sinking car

4)Get out of a car that’s hanging over a cliff


Stpehen Wiltshire Memorizes Rome then Draws it

In this amazing video Stephen Wiltshire applies his artistic autistic savant, a photographic memory and his artistic ability to redrawing Rome as seen from the air after flying over it just a single time.  It is truly amazing.


Thanks Rocketboom.

Since 2004 he has drawn Berlin, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Rome and Frankfurt on giant panoramic canvasses entirely from memory.

Stephen redraws Toyko from memory.

The REAL Peyton Manning - It’s Superbowl Time

The Real Peyton Manning - Herald & Review-Kelly J. Huff

Peyton Manning and his rocket laser arm were in Hawaii this weekend for the NFL Pro Bowl. But the newest Manning, was also working at Staples in Forsyth, IL. And this newer Manning is also named Peyton. This diehard Chicago Bears fan declared he would legally change his name if the Chicago Bears didn’t win the Superbowl. We all know what happened in the game, and now formerly named Scott Wiese is honoring his alcohol made bet that he would change his name. This first caught our eye on The Obscure Store blog, which provided a link to downstate Illinois newspaper The Pantagraph. Make sure to read the comments in both, they are priceless.

Don’t sue us part II (Rosie vs. Donald)

rosie-and-donald.jpgQuestion: What do Tom Brady, Rosie and Donald Trump all have in common?Answer: TheExtraPoint.com

Donald and Rosie finally have decided to let it their “hair” down and settle things the old fasion way…with an old-fashioned “slobber-knocker Fight“.

Who would you pick to win? The Hair or The Mouth? Watch and find out.

Chris Harris make a supersize promise for the Superbowl - It’s Superbowl Time

Chris HarrisRhymes with Right, had a great writeup on Chicago Bears safety Chris Harris. Apparently Harris promised a local access reporter tickets to the Superbowl months ago in a live interview. Now the reporter is using his footage to try to get that ticket. Ticket prices range from $3,000 - $10,000 on second chance sites like StubHub.

View this video file

Should this reporter get to go? Tell us in the comments.

Do you remember these fads?

Hypercolor T-shirts, a fad?Rubik’s cube?  Pac-man?  Sure we all remember those.  But how about Hypercolor T-shirts?  Yeah I forgot about that one too.  This is a great post on 37 fads that swept the nation.

Hypercolor T-shirts

The worst movie trailer ever?

Wow did John Williams make Star Wars what it is or what? After watching this pathetic exuse for a B movie trailer, I imagine the re-edit with only Williams music, movie dialogue and sound effects. The result a different movie. The movie we all know and love.

The next time we visit the theater watch a movie trailer with this in mind. The Score really settles the score.

Courtesy of Fimoculous

Ridiculous World Records

Have you ever wondered what the world record is for:

1)Longest gargle

2)Furthest distance rolled downhill in a trashcan

3)Longest time wearing the same pair of underpants

Well, it’s you’re lucky day if these ponderings have kept you up at night.  Check out the Index of Ridiculous Records Waiting to Be Set or Broken.

What record have you set?  I’ll start…I believe I’m the record holder for most viewings of TheExtraPoint.com’s post on Susan Ward, er, Fantasy Football Origins.

Drew Brees - Went Down to the Crossroads

Brees signing the dealIt has been confirmed - Drew Brees announced today that he indeed has sold his soul to the Devil.  People (and fantasy owners of teams that did not draft him) have long suspected this to be true of the 6 foot tall, weak-armed QB who in his first couple of seasons couldn’t do much of anything.  Brees announced the deal was actually signed way back in high school, allowing him to become a state champion, college stud, and now NFL multi-millionaire.  Brees and the Devil decided to go public with the information this week after Brees passed for over 500 yards on Sunday less than a year after having 12 surgical screws put into his throwing shoulder.  Lucifer, King of Darkness, stated “I said, screw it (pardon the pun), I am just going to make him incredible this year even though he should be barely able to lift his arm.  It was my idea to put him on pace for 5,000 yards - Drew didn’t think he could do it”.  Apparently, the only negative for Brees, asides from an eternity of pain and suffering once his career is over, is that the Devil made him wear a mark of some kind.  Neither the Devil nor Brees explained why they chose a caterpillar on his right cheek as the distinguishing mark.   

I WOULD NOT go to Vegas with this guy!! (well, too late now anyway)

shocked pictureApparently, a guy who was supposed to be (or at least was invited to be on) Cory Lidle’s plane when it crashed, just died himself in another small plane crash.  The instructor on Lidle’s plane was apparently this guy’s good friend and instructor also.  Wow, did he cheat death on that one.  He got a whopping month more to live!!  Apparently that crappy movie trilogy got it right.

And in other news, this same man set the Guinness Book of Records for most slot pulls ever in a lifetime without winning once, even a double cherry!